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Rooms by HG provides an effortless online interior design service so your dream home can be more accessible for much less than you might expect. It is a lighter touch to the traditional full interior design services we offer and is useful for quick designs or remote projects, wherever you are, whatever your budget.

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How the online service works

Online shopping

Step 1

Purchase your interior design package

We offer various design packages for individual rooms depending on your requirements. Simply select one or more of the interior design packages you want.

Step 2

Design Brief

Kick off with a call to be introduced to your designer, and answer our questionaire regarding your rooms to tell tell us more about your home, style aspirations and budget.Share any inspirational photos or Pinterest board.Upload your floor plan with measurements of your space, so that we can recommend accurate sized furniture that will fit perfectly. 

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Step 3

Collaborate with your designer

A video/phone consultation to discuss the initial  proposal we have sent you. At this stage we will create an amazing mood board, colour schemes, Furniture Layout and design concepts for your approval. (Wall covering options, Furniture, Lighting and Décor)

Step 4

Tweak your Design

Need some minor changes to your design? Work with us to get your designs just right. You will be able to tweak your design a number of times depending on the package you've chosen. We will also explain to you the concept behind the choices for you to understand the design fully. 


Step 5

Design package delivered

Depending on the package you've chosen, your design package will include digital MoodBoards, Furniture Layout Plan to scale, online shopping list of everything we used in your design and 2D visuals. If you picked Deluxe and Ultimate packages, you will experience your new home in 3D.

Step 6

Shop your new design

We provide a shopping list with all items of furniture, wall covering option & decor items chosen in your final design. Making shopping easy with a list of these items you will know the exact sizes and quantiies required for your space. A list of suppliers and shops will be sent to help you find the items on your list.

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